At AlviArmani we pride ourselves in providing our patients with the best product available in the world to rejuvenate and enhanced their hair. Founded in 1999, AlviArmani has been able to stay on the razors edge of hair restoration technology by investing heavily in research and development.

Alvi Armani Genomics (AAG) is the in-house research department for AlviArmani. Our lead MSc, PhD biomedical researcher and our Physicians focus on developing and optimizing molecular, cellular, and mini-organ assays as well as proof- of-concept pilot clinical studies that have resulted in patented hair growth formulation, and four patent applications. We continue to work on development of new and improved therapeutics for hair loss, hair growth enhancement and hair vitality.


Physician managed hair rejuvenations programs for women!

AlviArmani provides a variety of hair loss preventative medications injection therapies, combination treatments and surgical options to help keep your hair looking great and to help prevent future hair loss. Our medications have been formulated in house as well as our specially formulated Hair Vitamins that include natural DHT blockers. These preventative medications allow AlviArmani patients to keep their hair looking great.